Worship Ministry

Sing songs to God, sing out! Sing to our King, sing praise! He's Lord over the earth so sing your best song to God. Psalm 47:6-7


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Worship Ministry The primary focus is to Exalt God! Our audience is not the congregation to try to impress, nor is it ourselves to be self-serving. Our One and Only Purpose is to Glorify and Bless Our Lord God in Worship.

We also want to provide an opportunity for those to serve God with the talents and skills they were given to Exalt the Lord in Worship.

How Will We Accomplish Our Goals?

  • Commit ourselves to growing spiritually through prayer and study both privately and corporately.
  • Be submissive to the will of God as it relates to our calling in this ministry work.
  • Be focused, committed, passionate and prepared.
  • Having this aim "that all we do is...as unto the Lord".


Areas of Music Ministry Being Offered

Praise Team
The Praise Team consists of two to four singers with microphone.

Worship Choir 
The Worship Choir backs up the Praise Team and performs special music on Easter and Christmas

Praise Band
The Praise Band leads in worship with Keyboard, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, and Drums. Additional instruments are welcome...

Audio Visual & Multi-Media Team
This team runs the sound system and computer. We ultimately would like to video tape the service and provide listening CD's to those unable to attend.

How Can I Get Involved!

Our music ministry consists individuals of diverse talents, gifts, ethnicity, and ages. Our members range in ages 11 - 75, each honoring God and serving others with their talents and gifts. We are not only passionate about our individual contribution to the ministry, whether by voice, instrument or supporting the staff, but we have a lot of fun together and develop close relationships. We pray for each others needs as well as celebrate and rejoice in each others joyous praises.  You may become a part of our Music ministry by audition and or by personal invitation from our Director, Christian Hartis.



  July 2021  
Sunday Bible Study

We have Bible Study and Life Skills Classes every Sunday 9:30 am. All of our studies are Bible based and relevant to people living in today's world. We have classes for all ages.

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