What to Expect

At Hillsdale our purpose is to preach and teach the Word of God, to provide a place for worship, fellowship, and support, as we connect our hearts with God, to grow to become more like Christ, and be equipped to serve and share His love to our world.

When you visit us you will experience...

· Caring people who gladly welcome you

· Messages that center on God's Word

· Ministries that meet your spiritual needs

· Uplifting praise and worship


There are many opportunities for us to gather together

FELLOWSHIP MEAL We Gather together on Wednesday nights starting at 5:30 pm for a family meal and fellowship together

& FAMILY PRAYER at 6:30 pm. Come as we continue to pray for spiritual restoration, forgiveness, and unity in the Spirit that binds us together in the bond of peace, that in the effort of love, we are established as one body and one spirit because we are called to one glorious hope and future. Ephesians 4:1-4

WORSHIP We worship together in person every Sunday at 10:45 am

  October 2021  
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