So, What Happens When We Pray?

A Life Devoted to Prayer
A Journey With God Through Prayer
It is time for us to really know and understand the depth of what it means to be a Follower of Christ. We have trusted Jesus as our savior and we have promised to love Him and Serve Him. And as with every promise there is a commitment to be faithful—faithful to the one we have committed our life to. That is JESUS.

Our new life in Christ has guaranteed us many assurances. We have studied that we have an awesome, wonderful God who is perfect in nature and character, who loves us and cares for us and provides for all our needs. He has given us a new life of meaning and purpose that begins here and now and lasts to eternity. This life we now live is full of His continual presence, guidance and protection. What an awesome life we have. Let us nurture this relationship and journey with our God through prayer, being devoted to His Word, Living a life of service, having a passion for generosity and a heart of love.

So What Happens To Us When We Pray?

Prayer is one of the most foundational aspects of a follower of Jesus. It is through prayer that we fellowship with God and receive His guidance and the power to live in a way that pleases Him.

We might think that we pray because we are commanded to; so we do it out of duty. It is more than that. The disciples were astonished by the prayer life of Jesus and they asked Him to teach them to pray. They saw His ministry and the great impact He had because of the time He spent in prayer. Prayer was important to Jesus and He wants it to be important to us too. He wants us to understand that prayer changes things and most importantly, it changes us. Because to live a life of prayer is to live a life of obedience to God and this obedience comes through a change of heart.

So what happens to us when we pray? As we pray and give praise and thanks to God we learn to adore Him and as we adore Him, we change. Nothing can impact our lives more than the intimate knowledge of God that we get as we pray. As we give thanks to God, we become more aware of God’s hand and involvement in our life and the world around us and we become grateful. Our gratefulness overcomes our propensity to be self-serving and egotistical. This change in our heart teaches us to become servants with a spirit of generosity, for this is the example He has given us to follow. As we confess our sins and keep short accounts with God we come to recognize His holiness and our mindset changes so that we want most what He desires. Prayer is a Powerful Thing, indeed.

We may say, “If God knows everything that is going to happen before it happens, why should we pray?” God knows everything and His sovereign will is unchanging. However, even though God has ordained the end, He has more so  ordained the means to those ends. This is where prayer enters in. God desires our participation with Him to bring about His perfect will in this world and in us. Since prayer changes us more so than it changes things around us, it is God’s perfect and most sovereign plan fulfilled—that we become more like Him. Yes, Prayer is a Powerful Thing and as a follower of Jesus let us Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


  July 2020  
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