40 Days in the Word CHALLENGE


Hear the Word

Pastor's Words to Encourage and Support your commitment

Week 1 Why Can I Trust the Bible? (listen)
Week 2 How the Bible Changes us.(listen)
Week 3 See What God Wants Me to See.(listen)
Week 4 How to Study A Bible Passage (listen)
Week 5 Understanding the Meaning of a Text (listen)
Week 6 Integrating God's Word into My Life.(listen)


Love the Word

The primary goal of these exercises is to teach healthy spiritual habits that will last you a lifetime.
These are the four basic components:

Memorize: Verses to recall throughout the day reminding you of God's promises.

Devotional: Watch or listen to or read a devotion to help you digest God's truths in new ways.

Study Method: Meditate on a passage until the Holy Spirit shows you how to apply it.

Reading: Read scripture to know god better and to hear him speak to you through His word.

Find a Study Method that best suites you.

     Pronounce It!
     Picture It!
     Probe It!
     Paraphrase It!
     Personalize It!


Do the Word


The Word music video by Sara Groves
How Living in The Word Can Impact our Lives!


Thy Word music video by Amy Grant
20 Scriptures Everyone Should Know